WAYNE's TAXI Service - Serving the Western Suburbs of the Chicago area - 630-670-3314
I have been driving a sedan cab for 12 years now in Winfield, Illinois.  I drive people to and from the airports as well as to the doctors' offices.  I do network also with other drivers who are reliable and experienced.  I work well with seniors that need assistance with traveling and movement.  I will give anyone over 55 a 1 dollar discount.
I have flat rates to and from the airports,and to the City of Chicago.  I will also quote a flat, reasonable rate on any local rides if you do not wish to use the meter.
When you use WAYNE's TAXI Service, you can be assured of reliable, punctual, on-time service to your destinations all the time.
immediate or advanced bookings, please CALL: 630-670-3314.  All major credit/debit cards accepted as well. 
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